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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Commissioning Sunday School Teachers

Today in church all of the Sunday School teachers for the coming year went up to the alter to be commissioned. I loved what they had us read:

“As children of a faithful God, we who will teach Sunday School this year commit ourselves to journey together with each other and with those who come to learn. We will seek to grow in our own understanding of God. We will offer compassion and caring. We will celebrate. We will listen and share and laugh and cry. We will plan carefully and teach wisely. We will pray. We will sing, and we will make joyful noises when we cannot sing. We will stretch our intellect to new heights, and we will sit on the rug to tell stories to the children. We will expect more of ourselves than others expect of us. We will offer ourselves for the journey so that others may glimpse God. We will give fully of ourselves because we know that God in Christ gives fully of self to us.”

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